Why LoLEuBoost?

Our team provide high quality services with low prices. Our employees are pro-gamers and willing to do their work with maximum efficiency.

Can you do something that not on the list?

We can do almost anything, contact our operator.

How does the payment work?

You make a pre-paid payment of 100%, but that sum is held by us and transferred to the booster only after all the work is done. This is guarantee of quality and safety for both sides.

Can I watch games booster perform from my account?

Of course! Our booster can make a stream for you. Contact our operator for details.

Will boosters use RP?

No. Boosters is prohibited from using your RP withour your permission.

Can I get banned for boosting?

We are making all protective measures we can to prevent that, but there is always a small chance that this will happen. In that case we wont take responsibility for that.

My booster isn’t doing as well as im expected. Can I get a new one?

Sure. Contact our operator .

How long will you work on moving my account into desired devision?

We cant say for sure since its quite unique job every time – but most of the times you can expect one day per division for devisions before platinum and two days per devision after.