We recommend you to choose Coaching LoL


Statistically speaking only 3% of players play in top leagues and divisions. The others play silver and bronze leagues. If you are tired of losing every game you play, want to increase your position in division, change the league, gain more profit from every game – just order coaching lol service from the professional gamers of our boosting service. Coaching league of legends will let you improve your game playing skills.

Order our coaching lol service and our boosting manager will contact you to discuss the details and convenient time for coaching. He will also get to know the particularity of your gameplay and what do you want to learn during coaching. Then he will transfer all information to the boosting coach. During lol coaching you will receive the following information and some practice experience:

  • how to play LoL (for new players);
  • how to play your favorite heroes;
  • how to choose the correct setup;
  • how to choose counter picks;
  • how to choose the heroes in different in game situations;
  • how to use best LoL tactics;
  • how to choose your role in game (support, ad carry, tank, nuker, disabler);
  • how to understand the mechanics of items and their usage in LoL;
  • imba setups;
  • how to pawn 1v9.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or a professional, LoL coaching will improve your gaming skills. After coaching, you will enjoy every match you play. Our coaches are high skill professional players with top ranks: challenger, master tier and diamond. Coaching lol eu/en will let you enjoy your game and your results.

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