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About us

We are a group of pro-gamers from all around the world. Our team working hard to provide a wide array of League of Legends services in «cheap, fast & simple» style. This means that our clients won't need to do anything unnecessary to get any service just name that you need and get it!

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...it’s fast boost!

We have large team and can start to work with your order in 24 hours after purchase.

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We are processing many orders every day and this allows us to offer you best prices you can get.

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We provide guarantee for all our services. If something will go wrong you always could get your money back.

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Have any difficulties with making an order? Or may be you need some special service with a bit of personal approach? Contact one of our operators and we will work this out together!

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All our booster are using dedicated VPN software and unique IP for every order. This mean that no one can trace boost games back to us.

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You wont need to register or make any additional steps. Grab that you need, contact our operator and you will be done in five minutes.

Our League Boosting Features

  • Direct LoL coaching You can contact our support team at any time and get a valuable advice and tips helping to start the cooperation. We will answer all your questions related to tour account boosting using the following/ communication channels: skype, email, phone.
  • Immediate start of ELO Boosting Once we receive your order for the ELO Boosting of your account, we will contact you to find out the important nuances about the desirable rank and division. Then we work out the strategy to reach the goal, and start working as soon as possible. You can obtain highest lol rating on EU and NA!
  • Choose your roles and champions You can even choose the desired role and champion. Boosters will try to follow your preferences during the games. Also, you choose the desired summoner spells keys combinations while ordering the boost. Attention! This option has its separate cost, so you can talk over that with our manager.
  • Division boosting by professionals If you are looking for the reliable cheap lol Elo boost, then here we are! Professional players will make your rank grow to the desired league and division. The boosting process is simple. Skillful and experienced player who knows everything about LoL will play on your account. He will easily win Solo/Duo matches, simultaneously creating your reputation as an emotionally stable person who never blames other players.

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